Taking a que from some of my favorite designers, I undertook a challenge of time management and creativity, creating a different poster everyday for 50 days while I traveled back and forth between Boise Idaho, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Instead of journaling, I took to writing small quotes or ideas in my head on sticky notes and then attaching them to my wall. My current bedroom has 142 (I just counted) sticky notes surrounding my workstation and my drawing desk. For these posters, I took one sticky note and then illustrated a 11x17 poster using my illustration and typesetting skills. Here are a few of them.

I wanted to create a way for anyone wanting to view my poster to interact with the work. The simplest way to do this was to have the user drag it around and for the work to stack on top of each other. I use layering in my work a lot so I wanted the interaction to match this theme.

The user is presented with this blank screen and after a few seconds, if no click happens, the work will start appearing on its own.

A simple prompt updated every day saying:
“I am on poster # X”
and then prompt the user to click and organize.

click here to see it in action.

His Number 1 Fan

May 23rd 2017

Sorry (in german)

May 24th 2017


May 25th 2017

James' Mixtape

May 26th 2017

Inventor of Boxing

May 27th 2017

Quarterly Review

May 28th 2017

More of us then them, amen!

May 29th 2017

Don't gouge!

May 30th 2017

Time and chance happen to them all

May 31th 2017

Hello in perpetuum

June 1st 2017

Nothing new under the sun, all is vanity

June 2nd 2017

Logos made flesh!

June 3rd 2017

Logos made flesh!

June 4th 2017

Pathos made logos

June 5th 2017


June 6th 2017


June 7th 2017


June 8th 2017


June 9th 2017


June 10th 2017

Welcome back!

June 11th 2017

This is my home

June 12th 2017


June 13th 2017

Honestly loyal, loyally honest

June 14th 2017


June 15th 2017

Trade zone (in german)

June 16th 2017

Comfort version 1

June 17th 2017

What's wrong? Who knows.

June 18th 2017

Trade zone (in german) version 2

June 19th 2017


June 20th 2017

Caio Bella (mispelled)

June 21th 2017

Of a savage mind

June 22th 2017

Kyles band poster

June 23rd 2017

Do ut des

June 24th 2017

Carpenters Joints

June 25th 2017

Texture 1

June 26th 2017

Comfort version 2

June 27th 2017

Dead! version 1

June 28th 2017

Comfort version 3

June 29th 2017

Of a savage mind version 2

June 30th 2017

Same thoughts different feelings

July 1st 2017

CJ is here

July 2nd 2017

Person to person

July 3rd 2017


July 4th 2017

Pattern 2

July 5th 2017

Dead! version 2

July 6th 2017

This is my broken home

July 7th 2017

What's wrong?

July 8th 2017

Comfort version 4

July 9th 2017

Doug (serif)

July 10th 2017

Get up. Live.

July 11th 2017