A similar model was successfully executed in the web development space. That model was similar to that of AIPs in that it addressed:

  • New high growth market opportunity.
  • Need for hard to find technical expertise.
  • Marketing needs of the affiliates.

Part of the key to success of AIP will be the experience of two of the AIP executives who were part of the execution of the prior similar model in the web development space.

Bob Albert

VP Strategic Partnerships Former Director

Part of the execution of the affiliate program that saw 50 affiliates joining USWEB. Similar experience at MicroAge and Computerland.

Steve Cuthrell

VP Corporate Development and Acquisitions Former Director - Mergers and Acquisitions

Responsible for the acquisition strategy of the USWEB affiliates, which allowed USWEB to go public with a resultant market capitalization of $3 billion. Subsequent to USWEB, Steve was VP, M&A at Rare Medium, a public company where he managed global acquisitions resulting in revenues in excess of $100 million.

There has not been a convergence of new technology and market forces similar to the prior opportunity in the web development space until AI and its availability on Software-as-a-Service platforms. AIP will obtain critical mass through the same strategy that was used in the web development space.

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